Friday, August 31, 2012


I had low expectations for this, but wanted to check it out anyway just in case. A prior motorcycle doc I saw that Ewan McGregor also narrated had set the bar low for me, but it was unwarranted in this case cuz this flick was surprisingly dope!

This is like the moto' equivalent of Senna. Ok, it's not on par with Senna, but it's the closest we've got from a moto' perspective. This was intense. This is a gripping film.

I know as much about Moto GP racing as I know about calculus (which is nothing). So I was coming into this with a clean slate and no preconceptions about what or who it should cover. Turns out it focuses on Valentino Rossi (current GP sporting icon), and follows him for a few years. But this isn't a Rossi doc per se, so it tracks some other guys and documents some exciting rivalries. The film also gives high level overviews of the bikes, the safety, the crashes, a little history, and other such things. It does a great job of introducing you to recent Moto GP racing at a high level.

I was riveted and I don't think this is just for bikers by any means. Anyone with a heartbeat could enjoy this film. It's all highlights. It's exciting. It's interesting. The on-board camera shit is just breath-taking. These guys are on 220 hp bikes going 200+. Their reaction times are just beyond comprehension. Fitness, skill, balls... massive.

Everyone should watch this. Streaming on Netflix.

I subsequently added Faster to my queue. That's the first installment from 1993. This one is from 2011.


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