Friday, February 17, 2017

Hell's Bloody Devils

We watched Hell's Bloody Devils again. I was too hard on it in the first review.  It's actually pretty freakin bad ass. I think I was just so pissed because it's not really a biker flick, it just has some bikers in it. The thing that really impressed me this time around was the cinematography. It was shot by none other than László Kovács. He did everything from Easy Rider to Ghostbusters. The guy is really talented. So while the acting isn't good and the plot is's a great film to look at. And the women are untouchable.

Definitely recommended.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

High-Intensity Training the Mike Mentzer Way

Mike Mentzer is one of my favorite classic-era bodybuilders. Given I think they had the best physiques, I'm interested in their training methods. Not so interested in the 'roids, though. Funnily enough that's not covered in the book. Go figure.

Anyway, Mike has a very scientific approach to lifting and he was famous for the method he dubbed HEAVY DUTY. He got to a point where he was advocating lifting just once a week! One working set per body part! But the intensity was through the roof. Every workout was supposed to take you beyond your limits. Total pukers. A lot of people claimed bullshit on his method, but he had a lot of devotees including the mass-monster Dorian Yates. Now, these guys got huge by the normal methods; high volume and steroids. But once they were there some of the incorporated or totally switched to the HEAVY DUTY method.

Whether it works as a total method or not is besides the point to me. I was able to read it and take aspects of his theory and apply them how I saw fit. Last week was my first week lifting and applying his methods and I really dug it. It's great to mix things up. I'll be re-reading and referencing this book for a while to come. For sure.

He had such a great mustache, too.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Batman: Noël

My boss loaned me this. He's a huge Batman fan and this book really blew him away. I just checked it out, and man is it gorgeous. The coloring is incredible! I'm super impressed with the penciling and the coloring. It's just so detailed and so full of life. It's a very cinematic book.

The story is based on A Christmas Carol, but with Batman and co. replacing Scrooge etc. It's a unique spin on both stories. A fine mash-up indeed.

Catwoman is insanely sexy in this book. It has to be said.

I really enjoyed this. I would have enjoyed it even if it was written in Latin. It's just killer to look at.

It's a tremendous work of art. Definitely recommended for Batman fans.