Friday, August 9, 2013

Raspberry Bulbs

So out of all the media I 'consume', music is far and away number one on the list. So I thought I would start posting more about bands that I'm into at the moment or have been listening to for awhile. My musical tastes are all over the place, so bare with me. Right now, I'm pretty excited about Raspberry Bulbs. They've got the lo-fi post punk sound with some elements of black metal. Although, the black metal sound is more evident in past releases. Raspberry Bulbs use to be a one man band/solo project of He Who Crushes Teeth, now it features Nick from RORSCHACH on guitar. Have to respect that.


 Raspberry Bulbs- Groping the Angel's Face (Stream)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saga: Volume One

So comic books, err graphic novels, I don't know where to start... I want to love comic books the way that I want to love video games. I feel that both mediums have so much potential and yet in most cases, don't seem to follow through. Now, I'll be honest, I've played more video games than I've read comics. I like to read the Walking Dead, because I love zombies, and I've read the Watchman, because it's supposed to be the best comic ever. Both are good, but I wouldn't say great. That said, the Prez is always talking about comic books and how much he digs them. So I decided to get in on the ground level with a new(ish) series called 'Saga'. It's by the same dude who did 'Y: The Last Man', which I'm told by reputable sources, the Prez included, is incredible.

Saga is a sci-fi story about two warring planets of two different, for a lack of a better term, alien races. A couple (one from each planet) fall in love and have a baby. The main characters are looked upon as defectors, and are hotly pursued by both armies and some bounty hunters. The story is simple, but intriguing enough to keep me reading. The artwork is beautiful, and uncensored, which I can appreciate. 

I really enjoy science fiction when it's really well done. It's a genre that I don't think gets enough respect (Side note: I can't wait to see Elysium). And while Saga isn't the thoughtful, sophisticated sci-fi story I crave, it fills a void for me. This is the first comic that I've read where I'm invested enough in the characters to keep reading. I found this to be a fun read and I am looking forward to reading future volumes.

The Walking Dead: Vol 18

This one was hotly anticipated. After the mindfuck of issue 100...god damn. What's Rick's plan?

"What Comes After" delivers the goods. There are some really grim moments in this one. It's got a lot of action. Some crazy shit happens. I dig the current situation they're in. It's a rough one. But the characters are interesting. There's a lot of tension as things unfold. What exactly is Rick's gameplan? Gotta wait and find out...

I feel like there's a lot of twists and turns jammed into this particular volume. Some real dark territory. After issue 100 I don't think anything's off the table.

Some lazy-ass artwork at times. Annoying that such a high-profile comic has some real lazy drawings.

Again, can't wait for the next TPB. Chop chop.