Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult

Do you like black metal? If not, skip this book. If so, buy this book. It's essential reading on the genre.

Dayal takes a relatively nonjudgemental trip down memory lane as he examines the roots and history of black metal. Each chapter is pretty much dedicated to a single band. They flow in chronological order, and it makes for quick reading.

Only a couple chapters were snoozers and you can skip them; who cares about NSBM or Polish black metal? Not me. While I don't care for industrial black metal, those chapters were interesting because of the extreme characters involved in those bands.

Overall this is a really good read and I definitely recommend it to scholars of the genre. I'm glad I picked up his second book on the topic, "The Cult Never Dies Vol. 1." Decibel just put that out and I'll be reading that later this year.

RIP Euronymous. Gonna cop his stye for the gym, though. 

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